During in the past two years, Khaolak is one of the most attractive tourist destination. Why Khaolak become famous for Beach-Lover. Let’s us tell you more about this place.

Khaolak is part of Phang-Nga Province, that is very convenient to travel from Phuket International Airport within one hour.

Along the way to Khaolak, there are many interesting places to explore. Starting from Phuket International Airport by only 15 minutes drive, you will cross over Sarasin Bridge to Phang-Nga Province. The first place to visit is “Khao Pilai Wooden Bridge” located at Klok Kloi district. This is one of the most beautiful sunset scenery. From the main road, Petchakasem Rd, you must pin your destination in GPS as Khao Pilai and you will see the signpost leading you to Hot Spring and drive for another 10 minutes to reach the beach and see the ruins of wooden bridge. The history of “Pilai Wooden Bridge” was built for Tin mine shipping during the rise of tin mine industry at 19 century. 

If you drive a little bit further from Klok Kloi District, you will be attracted by million dollar view of “Samet Nangshe”. The view of Phang-Nga bay” is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise to start your fresh morning. If you plan to stop by the afternoon, you can enjoy a tropical atmosphere, hot and sweaty and fresh yourself up with cold smoothie drinks would be perfect. For the direction to the place, you can park at lower parking lot and walk up the hill for 700 m with the high slope. If you do not want to hike, there is a hopper service to the top of “Smet Nangshe Viewpoint ”. The hopper service fee is only 60 Baht per person and you need to pay 30 Baht for visiting fee. At the top of “Samet Nangshe”, you will experience a spectacular view of Koh Yao Noi that surrounding with blue sea ocean over Phang-Nga Bay. Another good plan to enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the bay, you can book your cozy room at “Samet Nangshe Boutique Resort” and wake up early morning enjoying the moments.

For your next stop to cool down the heat temperature at Wang Waeng Koo Rafting operated by Komal Corner for only 500 Baht per 2 persons and one child on board is free of charge. Rafting will take 1 hour for 3 km to enjoy a Little Amazon surrounding with rainforest plantation, wild snakes, birds and monkeys. You can enjoy local southern food nearby restaurant at Wang Waeng Koo Waterfall.

Nowadays Khaolak is very popular for trending water sport especially Surfing. If you are a newbie surfer, don’t worry there are lots of professional surf instructors to teach you to enjoy surfing posture like a pros at Pakrarang or so called the Memory beach.

While you stay at Khaolak, the another Unseen beach is Nang-Thong beach. This is well known black sand beach. You may wonder why the color of the sand is black, this is Tin dross from the rise of Tin Mine Industry that reflect the ascendant of Phang-Nga and Phuket Economy in the pastIf you visit Phang-Nga Province during the high season do not miss a chance to go to Similan Islands. Those islands will open for visiting only from October 15th until May 15th. You can easily take a round trip cruise or speed boat from Tublamu Navy base port within 1 hour. The sea of Andaman Ocean around Similan Islands is very clear even if you on the boat , you will see colorful coral riff and fish through the surface. The landmark of Similan National Park you must visit is Sailing boat stone view point to take panoramic view of Andaman Ocean.

If you not feel enough of the charm of Andaman sea, Surin Islands is also well known as the jewel of Andaman. You can take 2 hours boat trip from Tublamu Navy base port to Surin Islands. The color of the sea is shining emerald. Imagine that you lay down on the white sand beach and peaceful to cleanse your mind and refresh or take a bit of snorkeling and visit Morgan Village (fisherman village) would that be perfect for Khaolak trip. 

To fulfill your memorable trip at Khaolak, you can’t miss the delicious local restaurants. The first one from our recommendation list is “Le’ Dang” seem sound like Vietnamese restaurant but it’s not. Le’ Dang is the famous restaurant is well known for Local Thai Southern Recipe and very crowded on weekends. The signature dish is “Sea bass spicy soup” because of the freshness of seafood that you must say Bon Appetite or Aroi mak in Thai.

Rang Lae seafood Koh Nok restaurant is also one of our favorite on our secret list. From Khaolak you must heading to Tung Mapraow district. You will had a chance taking a long tails boat from the shore to floating raft on the sea. Every dishes is cook with fresh ingredients from the sea and the most recommended menu is Spicy Sour Steam Seabass at  only 199 Baht.

Krau Lhaung is other on our list with concept of The Most Delicious dishes on Earth. This restaurant is on the Michelin Guide 2020 with speciality spicy wild taste. The signature dishes is “Stir fried Salted wasp” that would sound freaked but tastes.