Our Maple Travel team has a long-term experience in hotel and tourism industry since 2016 providing various type of services from Trip planner, hotel and flight booking also restaurants and activities recommendation for our special guests.

We intend to give the best experience with aspiration for Travelers as we know “what is the best for you” and brought you to an “exclusive service” and treat like our best friend. 

Wherever you go or whenever you are, our Maple Travel team will be your companion in every destination to explore new travel experiences or Business Trip like a pro upon your request smoothly.

We commit to make satisfaction for 24 hours service to assist you in anytime along your travel plan without any worries and escort you back home safely with shining and brighter smile.

And last but not least, we will give you a special gifts from Phuket to show our gratefulness in our good memories.

Let’s know our team

We… are Maple Travel team can guarantee to design special and differentiate trip-plan for your best experience. We urge to work hard together in every single detail from our best knowledge in this industry. Likewise we know how can make a perfect trip and we want to deliver even more the best to you.


Work as an Organization development who build up our maple travel growing with aspiration that we know what is the best for travelers.


Work as a Management who coordinates with hotel and travel service agents & partners to give you more of choices and more of style to fulfill your travel experiences.


Work as a Trip Planer who can be your best assistant to organize your designed trip as you want.


Work as a Coordinator assists you and solve a problem to make sure that your trip run smooth with a good memories.